TenderHearts Learning Center believes that children learn through play. We believe that each child is an individual coming from unique backgrounds and possessing certain needs, skills, and gifts, and that each will succeed at their own level. TenderHearts is committed to working with families to help each child develop to her/his full potential. We will promote learning and a positive self-image by providing developmentally appropriate activities and positive guidance.

All activities will revolve around a daily schedule and be based on the Center’s goals and values. The day will include a variety of active and quiet activities, indoor and outdoor, fine and gross motor activities and self-selected and teacher directed activities. This will help create a framework around which the day is organized. By repeatedly structuring the day in similar fashions, children will have the assurance that there are familiar portions of the day to anticipate and help ensure a secure environment. The daily activities will be designed to help children develop cognitively, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Each lead teacher, in conjunction with and under guidance from the Center’s Director, will be responsible for completing a weekly lesson plan for their group. The lesson plans will provide the children with experience, which will promote self-esteem and positive self-image, social interactions, self-expression and communication skills, creative expression, large and small muscle development, and intellectual growth.

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