Infants and Wobblers Curriculum (1-Year Olds)

photo of play area

Each infant shall be allowed to follow her or his own schedule based on his or her individual needs. Parents are required to fill out an Intake Under Two Form so the Center can coordinate each child’s schedule to their home schedule as much as possible. The Intake Form must be updated every three (3) months.

Our program provides an enriching environment designed to enhance your baby’s development while allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors, and soft toys to stimulate exploration. Our safe, age-appropriate equipment, and soft, cuddly toys are designed to meet each baby’s special developmental needs. We talk to infants, hold them and rock them to encourage their overall development. And, we work to form a basic trust. We show each baby that his or her needs will be met and that this is truly a wonderful new world with all sorts of pleasant experiences. Once babies learn to trust, they will respond openly and securely to new things, acquaintances, and challenges.

Routine activities such as taking a nap, eating, diapering, and toileting shall be used as occasions for language development, social awareness, and other learning experiences.

When a non-walking child is awake, they shall be moved to a variety of locations and positions in the room throughout the day.

All non-walking and walking children will be given the opportunity throughout the day to move freely in a safe, clean, open, warm, and uncluttered area.